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        Company profile



        Yantai Tri-river Foods Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, has the registered capital for 20,120,000 Yuan, and covers an area of 131mu. Now, it has total assets of 296,000,000 Yuan. We mainly produce the frozen and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and have four frozen food production lines and six freeze-dried food production lines, with the annual capacity of 20,000t and 800t respectively; and the storage volume of cold storage room is 20000t.

        The Company has 30,000mu fruit and vegetable base, which is guided by the professional technicians and subjected to the pollution-free management, so as to unify the technology, command and coordination; and the standard one package service system of production, supply and marketing is built. We ensure the quality and quantity of the raw materials through the base construction, and strictly control the use of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, thus meeting the production and customer requirement.

        Laiyang City that the Company is located is located in the middle part of Jiaodong Peninsular. Its southwest borders on Qingdao, its northeast is adjacent to Yantai, and its south is close to the Yellow Sea. It has a distance of 100km away from Yantai and Qingdao airport and harbor. Laiyang City is known as the traffic hub of Jiaodong Peninsular, so that the traffic is very convenient, which provides the favorable condition for our product transportation.

        Our products are mainly exported to Japan, Australia, America, Europe and other countries. In recent years, the Company has survived on quality, and been passed BRC, ISO9001, HACCP and KOSHER quality certification systems successively. We focus on strengthening the internal management and improving the enterprise competitiveness, and the product is always over-demand, and deeply favored by the foreign customers. 
        Warmly welcome the domestic and overseas travelling merchants to come to Tri-river to discuss and cooperate, for the joint development!